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The world as I see it

Day by Day

August 7, 2012

SUNDAY: Begin the first day of a new week. Why wait for better days to come? Take today as it is and mold it into what you want it to be. You can’t live in the future, and nothing is as far away as yesterday. There will never be a better day than today!

 MONDAY: Appreciate the positive forces in your life. Our minds have been conditioned to feast on the negative side of life and fast from the positive. It seems like negativity is a mindset that many of us embrace too often. Be ready to listen when opportunity knocks; it knocks often in all of our lives, but most of us never open the door. Open the door to opportunities for the rest of the week.

 TUESDAY: Rewind the video of your life. Life is a matter of perception. You can choose how you see your life, as your mind does not distinguish between reality and perception. That’s a crucial point to understand. It simply means that at any moment, you can choose how to view your life. For example, you can choose to see the diagnosis of a life threatening disease as a tragedy or a challenge, or even as an opportunity to embrace the power of healing. It’s not so much what happens to you in life, but rather how your mind looks at what happens.

 WEDNESDAY: Acknowledge and accept change. Why be frightened by change, worried about security, or protective of everything you have? Choosing the safe road, avoiding risk, moving little, changing seldom and buying lots of life insurance all hold you captive in the prison of your mind. Unlock the chains of captivity, open your mind, explore new horizons and discover new solutions. Life has no limits.

 Your week is half over. How are you doing?

 THURSDAY: Recognize the risks of everyday life. Life itself is the ultimate risk. You can’t cheat it and you can’t beat it; we were all born and we will all die – everything in between is negotiable. There is a difference between being a risk taker and simply taking risks. A risk taker manages risk, knowing the extent of it in advance and preparing for it. Mountain climbers are risk takers. They survive because they prepare for the mountain.  The journey of your life will be written in risk: the ones you took and the ones you avoided. Are you prepared for life?

 FRIDAY: Give yourself permission to let go of the past and focus on the present.  It’s time to get your hands dirty, put your dreams into action, and accept what life has given you. Shape your life into whatever you want it to be; revolutionize your mind by refurbishing your thought process; clean out the closet of your past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.

SATURDAY: The end of the week – examine your life so far. What’s it worth? Who is appraising your life? All of us own objects of value. We get our homes, jewelry, artwork and cars appraised in order to determine their market value. Perhaps we should also have an independent appraisal of our lives to determine our worth in the present moment and see if it increases in value as we continue the journey of life. Take the necessary action to make each week more productive than the last. 

 You’ve just finished the best week of your life.

 I welcome your comments.

 Phil Parker, a former CEO and successful businessman, is a professional speaker, photographer and author. His books, Kiss Yourself Hello! From A Life Of Business To The Business Of Life encourages his readers to discover the possibilities before them and the potential within them. His second book, The Gift of Perspective~Let My Hindsight Be Your Foresight shares his lessons learned. His latest book: Grandpa Does Grandma~The ABCs of Senior Sex encourages couples that the passionate feelings they had when they were young can be maintained at any age. 

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