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The world as I see it

America, America, Where Art Thou?

November 2, 2012

It appears to me that the America I grew up does no longer exist. Today we have many America’s.  White America, Black America, Hispanic America, Muslim America, Gay America, Rich America, Poor America (the middle class is rapidly disappearing), Violent America, and certainly self serving Political America. 

We must eliminate the political bickering, the religious pontification, and the  interference in the personal choices of individuals to pursue their own choices and sexual orientation. We must get a handle on the excessive and seemingly uncontrolled purchase  of guns especially assault type weapons.

It’s my belief that until we bring America back to what it once was, i.e, America the Beautiful from Sea to Shining Sea, we will continue our current course which can only lead to our nation’s self- destruction.  I welcome your comments.

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